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Performance Assessment

Performance assessment tells you whether your organization or its programs are achieving the results that you hope. Among public organizations, where there is now so much stress on accountability, there is increasing emphasis on all forms of monitoring and evaluation, both at the institutional or program level and at the individual level. 

Our team understands the range of methodologies appropriate to different sectors. We are used to working with a diverse range of assessment tools and techniques, including dashboards, balanced scorecards, performance monitoring methodologies for executives, and program evaluation tools.

We are familiar with the challenges of performance monitoring in governments and in non-profit agencies and institutions that often have to meet both their own needs as well as those of outside funders. 

We're experienced in helping boards of directors to establish the strategic planning framework necessary to effective performance assessment, and in assisting them to instal systems or procedures that let them know if implementation is on track.

We have developed performance assessment frameworks and we've designed and managed evaluation projects. We produce succinct, readable reports suited to the needs of busy executives that provide a clear picture of what is working and a road map for what needs to be improved.

We believe performance assessment is a very important function but we also know that an over-emphasis on accountability can stifle imagination and initiative. In this sphere of governance and management, as in others, there is a need for balance and judgment in determining how much is enough.

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